Dr. Joshua Guyer 


Prior to pursuing a career in psychology, I was largely focused on developing my abilities as a concert pianist and composer of both solo and multi-instrument works in the baroque, classical and romantic styles. I regularly performed in competitions and taught piano for many years before moving to Switzerland to attend a conservatory. After returning to Canada, I decided to shift focus to psychology while also pursuing various business interests. In that vein, I founded a successful painting and finishing company with nearly 20 employees while completing my bachelor’s degree (honors) in psychology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Following this, I began graduate studies in psychology at Queen's University, completing a master's degree in 2012, and a PhD in September, 2016. After lecturing at the Royal Military College (Kingston, Canada) for one semester, I moved to Spain in the Fall of 2017 to begin postdoctoral research at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM). During this time, I was also very fortunate to be awarded a research fellowship at Instituto de Empresa (IE) business school in Madrid. Currently I am an assistant professor of psychology at both Instituto de Empresa and Saint Louis University (Madrid), and also continue to pursue postdoctoral research at UAM.  

Broadly speaking, my research interests fall within the domain of attitudes and persuasion. More specifically, I am engaged in several ongoing lines of research that explore how different features of voice influence attitude change. My primary line of research explores the mechanisms by which different qualities of voice that reflect speaker confidence (e.g., rate of speech, intonation, pitch) influence the success of a persuasive appeal based on the extent to which both the message source and recipient carefully process the message content. Another ongoing line of research investigates how different emotional qualities of voice (e.g., fear, excitement, boredom, contentment, etc.) impact attitude change and the mechanisms that explain why these effects occur. Further research projects focus on various aspects involved in social influence, such as scarcity, authority, and stealing thunder. 



2017 - 

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Postdoctoral Researcher

2012 - 2016

Queen's University

Ph.D Social Psychology


Best Doctoral Dissertation (2016)

Canadian Psychological Association
Certificate of Academic Excellence

2010 - 2012

Queen's University

M.Sc Social Psychology

2003 - 2008

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

BA Psychology (Honors)

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