Dr. Joshua Guyer 

Dr. Joshua Guyer is an assistant professor of psychology at both Instituto de Empresa (IE) and Saint Louis University, (Madrid). Dr. Guyer is also conducting postdoctoral research at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid with Dr. Pablo Brinol. Broadly speaking, his research focuses on attitudes, persuasion, and social influence. Previously, he held a research fellowship at the IE Center for Insurance Research and also served as a lecturer at the Royal Military College of Canada. Joshua received his Ph.D in social psychology (2016) from Queen's University under the supervision of Dr. Leandre Fabrigar.

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Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Departamento de Psicologia
Campus de Cantoblanco,
Carretera Colmenar, km. 15.
Madrid, 28049. Spain 
Instituto de Empresa (IE) 
IE Business School
Calle de Maria de Molina, 11
Madrid, 28006. Spain 
Saint Louis University
Department of Psychology
Avenida del Valle, 34
Madrid, 28003. Spain 



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